Pencils of Promise with Adam Braun


A big part of the idea at EPoP is giving back to the community. And the way that we do that?

Pencils of Promise

We were fortunate enough with the Paradise Pack to raise enough funds so that in conjunction with Pencils of Promise we were able to fund the building of a school in Guatemala

We built a school!

And we couldn’t have done it without YOU! (We’really excited!)

Today, the founder of Pencils of Promise, Adam Braun, joins me for an overview of Pencils of Promise, how it came to be, and how travel has completely changed his life, time and time again.

Jason will be taking over the interview baton and interviewing Adam as well this week for a more in-depth look at the Pencils of Promise organization, so be sure to head over to Zero to Travel to check out the other half of this interview!

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In This Episode:

  • 10:00 The place that gave him the biggest culture shock.
  • 12:45 Overcoming the culture shock.
  • 17:10 The “ah-ha” moment that lead to Pencils of Promise.
  • 25:45 Living with a complete stranger for 3 days.
  • 31:00 Outside of the US, everything is negotiable.

and much more!

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