Our Top Ten Cities – For Now…. Part 2


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Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Nick and I are back to cause some uproar with our top 5 cities each. Anywhere in the world.

Some of you will agree, others maybe not so much.

But that’s okay, you should both go tell us why in the comments!

Our highest-ranked cities couldn’t be more different, so you’ll have a lot to choose from when you start daydreaming about visiting these locations!

Let the wanderlust begin!

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In This Episode

  • 08:53 Sarajevo, the war, and the EU
  • 15:43 You knew Croatia was going to make this list. Come on!
  • 20:05 Takin it to Japan!
  • 25:44 You can guess this one if you remember my favorite sandwich shop!
  • 31:16 Mexico City
  • 36:25 We filmed a TV show there this year!
  • 40:46 Kyiv. Everything you would picture a Russian city to have.
  • 47:05 Chiang Mai, Thailand. It’s just so easy!
  • 51:00 The mix of the entire world.
  • 57:17 The recent cities always win! (but really, it deserves it!)

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