20 of the Most Beautiful Buildings in the World – Part 1


While exploring Yangon in Myanmar we stumbled across an amazing array of buildings left over from the country’s time as a British colony. Some were falling to ruins, but others had been restored to some of the most beautiful buildings we’d seen during our travels.

So that gave us an idea.

What WERE some of the best buildings we’d seen on our travels? The best examples of architecture? Both ancient and new?

So here we are, Heather and I, each laying out our top 10 feats of architecture. From the coastlines of Portugal to the peninsulas of Japan, we span the globe detailing our favorite buildings around the world.

In Part 1 we detail our honorable mentions and the first 5 off each of our lists. Check back on Thursday for part 2, where we discuss even more places that are going to get you yearning for travel once again!

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In This Episode:

  • 3:28 The honorable mentions
  • 12:00 The most cliche choice
  • 14:27 Travis always ruins the surprise
  • 16:14 Your best place to stay in Japan
  • 18:30 Where lists coincide
  • 21:30 Podcast inspiration
  • 26:20 You’re just going to have to listen to the next episode to find out.
  • 26:49 Beautiful cities

and much more!

Locations Mentioned in this Episode (spoilers!!)

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