Part I: Mistake Fares And Around The World Trips with Nate Buchanan


What do you do when presented with an opportunity to fly to South East Asia for less than 250 dollars roundtrip?

You go.

Nate Buchanan jumped on a mistake fare last year that ended up taking him and his wife through a whirlwind tour of Europe and Thailand, using points and miles to alleviate most of the costs.

From sleeping on boats off the coast of Thailand to some instances of travel hacking at it’s finest, Nate has some great advice on saving money while you travel and how on earth to decide where you’ll be going next!

This is Part 1 of Nate Buchanan week here on the podcast. Check back on Thursday to hear us talk more about Nate’s entrepreneurial adventures, he’s got some great projects to talk about!

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In This Episode:

  • 2:35 So where did you actually go?
  • 5:26 Mistake Fares
  • 10:30 How to pick where to go!?
  • 13:00 Tips for cheap accommodation
  • 19:35 Was planning the trip intimidating?
  • 32:49 Packing for the different climates in a carry on
  • 37:20 How were you able to afford this trip?

and much more!

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