17 Years of Silence with the Planetwalker


Often when we decide to follow a path outside of the norm people have one word for us.


John Francis has heard that he used to describe his choices more times than he can count.

After the oil spill in San Francisco Bay in the ’70s, John Francis decided that he would help raise environmental consciousness and stopped taking all forms of motorized transportation.

People thought he was absolutely nuts.

While on this journey he decided that he would stop speaking for one day because he realized he had stopped listening to people.

17 years later he broke his vow of silence.

John joins us to talk about his journey of silence and walking and what he learned along the way. He shares the world’s reaction to his choices, and how his life changed as a result.

With some hilarious stories, some heartfelt moments, and some wisdom along the way, we find that maybe crazy isn’t as bad as people think.

Planetwalking is moving into a new phase, and you can help it get there by checking out John’s IndieGoGo campaign and spreading the word!

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In This Episode:

  • Why John gave up motorized transport.
  • How one day of silence turned into 17 years.
  • The value of silence.
  • Getting a Masters Degree & a Ph.D. in silence.
  • Why he chose to start speaking again.
  • How an incident at a Venezuelan prison caused 100 miles of self-reflection.
  • The evolution of Planetwalking and how others are joining the cause.
  • How you can help push Planetwalking to the next level!

and much more!

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