EPoP 053: Zero to 777, From Unemployed to Impossible with Joel Runyon


4 ½ years ago, Joel Runyon was in a rut.

He had just graduated from college and couldn’t find a job.

Not just a fancy job based on his degree, but any job at all. After exhausting his search on job boards he started applying to Starbucks and Target, with no results.

He couldn’t get a job anywhere.

And yet now, he’s flourishing.

He runs ImpossibleHQ.com, a site focused around doing the impossible, both in the long term and every single day.

He runs a successful 6 figure consulting business.

He runs…literally, having finished ultramarathons.

He’s even spoken at Target’s global headquarters!

And today, he’s launching his biggest project yet, the 777 project.

We talk about doing the impossible, the 777 project, cold shower therapy, renting your place on AirBnB, and how becoming rich in non-monetary currencies can help you travel more while spending less.

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In This Episode:

  • How he couldn’t get a job ANYWHERE, even Target.
  • Some of the “impossible” things he’s managed to cross off his list so far.
  • Getting started with impossible tasks
  • Why being comfortable is a sneaky poison.
  • The idea for the 777 project, and how it couldn’t be ignored.
  • Where cold shower therapy came from and why it’s such a great idea.(I even did it once for a whole week!)
  • AirBnb from the other side – renting your place when you go on vacation.
  • The non-monetary currencies that help you get a lot more, for a lot less.

and much more!

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