GetMyBoat & CorkSharing with Bryan Petro – Part 1

Ep 194

Bryan Petro has two loves.

Boats, and Wine.

Seems to me like he’s living the life!

Today he joins us to talk about his two businesses, & and how they cater to the access mindset.

In Part 1 we focus on GetMyBoat and chat about the sharing economy, what GetMyBoat is exactly and what it covers (they have watersport stuff too!), and what to know before you rent.

Another topic of interest is a lengthy discussion on the entrepreneurial spirit and how to find ideas for businesses.

Part 2 continues on Thursday where we discuss more about CorkSharing and Bryan’s favorite places around the globe!

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In This Episode:

  • 01:36 What is it about travel that made you turn it into a lifestyle?
  • 05:07 How Bryan started at
  • 08:00 The entrepreneurial spirit & wine.
  • 14:00 How to come up with an idea for your business
  • 19:54 How does GetMyBoat work?
  • 24:00 More than just boats!
  • 33:14 Getting people “on board” with their project.
  • 41:00 How they make money on a completely free service
  • 43:30 What you should know before you rent.

and much more!

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Destination Diary – Cape Town, South Africa

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