Summer Destinations Part 2: US

Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Summer Destinations Part 2 US

With travel opening back up, where do you want to go first (domestically)? Because we loved this topic so much we are splitting this conversation into two episodes and therefore splitting our list in two as well. Today, we will be covering our US destinations that we would love to spend some time in this summer. If you are craving travel as much as we are, this episode will fill your travel list with some great US destinations.

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In This Episode

  • 05:25 The State That Has Fewer Than 7 Humans Per Square Mile (Heather’s #5)
  • 10:30 The Healthiest State In The Country & Home To Ben & Jerry’s (Trav’s #5)
  • 11:45 The Land of Enchantment (Heather’s #4)
  • 14:05 Been Named “Beer Town USA” (Trav’s #4)
  • 16:20 It Feels Like Home…Because It Is (Heather’s #3)
  • 20:05 Stunningly Gorgeous Scenery & Road Trip Ready (Trav’s #3)
  • 23:15 Once Voted The Best City In The World by Travel & Leisure Magazine (Heather’s #2)
  • 25:35 The State That Has 1 Bear For Every 21 People (Trav’s #2)
  • 29:20 Heather’s #1 Is A Region Close To Her Heart
  • 32:50 Trav’s #1 Is A Roadtrip Region

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