Reinventing Travel with Bruce Poon Tip


Have you ever wanted the backpacker experience but more organized, and with, perhaps, better accommodation?

Bruce did, and he figured there had to be other people like him out there.

So he started a tour company for them.

Bruce Poon Tip, the found of G Adventures, joins us today to talk about the evolution of the travel business, how exporting tourism works, where your dollars do the most good, and why group travel is really awesome.

Bruce started G-Adventures in the early nineties and has since grown it into a company that runs over 15,000 tours a year with 2,000 employees worldwide. He shares some great business advice for those of us who are entrepreneurs and lays out what it takes to run such a huge company.

Bruce has some great insights about what it is that causes companies to stagnate and how to get out of that rut, along with some advice on having a strong purpose for your business.

We also chat a lot about how travel changes you, why you’re never “done” with a country, and a crazy story of travel mishap (it involves tear gas, helicopters, and exercise, you won’t want to miss it!).

What are some of your best experiences from finding a group while traveling? Either while you were on a group tour, or just hanging out with people you met along your journey.

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In This Episode:

  • How G Adventures got started.
  • How advertising worked before the age of the internet.
  • The #1 e-mail he gets every day from customers.
  • The ups and downs of hiring your first few employees.
  • What to do when your business stagnates.
  • How G Adventures achieves the local feeling on their tours.
  • How even if you’re a solo traveler, you’re rarely alone.
  • Why flexibility in where you go can be more important than flexibility in when you go.
  • Why travel is ever-changing you and changing because of you.

and much more!

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