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When I returned from Israel, I released a podcast with Puzzle Israel founders Nir and Guy that talked a bit about the tour that I went on.

But we didn’t really get into the activities that we did, and the experiences that we had that were so impactful.

So we’ve decided to release another podcast today with listener favorite, Napkins, joining me to flip the script and ask ME some questions about my trip to Israel.

We discuss everything from the theoretical to the actual. My knowledge before going to Israel (nothing. I didn’t even know there was a desert!) to how much I’ve learned since visiting, some of the amazing experiences that I had along the way, and how breaking my phone made all the difference.

Israel is a fascinating country, and I highly recommend a visit, hopefully, after this talk you’ll be pumped and ready to add it to your (ever-growing) travel list!

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In This Episode

  • 04:00 Why I decided a group tour
  • 09:00 Thousands of years of history
  • 18:30 Such varied geography
  • 23:40 First impressions & broken phones
  • 32:00 The itinerary
  • 55:00 2 extra days
  • 57:17 Hearing about the conflict from people who have lived it
  • 69:00 Safety on the tour
  • 74:00 A trip to Jaffa


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