Forks, A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection with Allan Karl, Part 2


Allan spent 3 years traveling the world by motorcycle. On Tuesday he shared his journey with us with some of his amazing stories from those years on the road.

But what did he do when he got back home?

Supermarkets, cars, and the shock of too much choice provide some interesting points of contrast to the rest of the world. We chat about the difficulties of re-entry after years abroad before moving onto his big project…

Forks, A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection, a gorgeous coffee table book about his travels around the world. Complete with recipes and photos from the 35 countries he visited on his journey.

We discuss his quest to get his book published via crowdfunding and the new projects he currently has in the works.

From travel stories and crowdfunding to tips on saving money on the road, Allan shares some of his seemingly endless adventures and tips with us on another awesome podcast!

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In This Episode:

  • 3:04 The decision to come home
  • 7:10 Too many choices
  • 12:15 Self-Publishing The Forks book
  • 23:27 Travel More & Spend Less
  • 31:14 What’s next?

and much more!

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