Our Top 10 Travel Wishlist – 2016


Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go.

We don’t know our own rules. And I’m ridiculously easy to convince.

So basically, this list is always changing, and you have the power to change it! Tweet me at @PackOfPeanuts and let me know why I should change my list, and what to!

Heather and I embark on the impossible, to nail down our top 5 destinations each. Some of them we’ll be visiting this year, others are still in the works. We know we’ll get everywhere eventually, but by then we’ll have a whole new list that’s probably longer than this one!

Travel is definitely addicting!

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In This Episode

  • 07:00 We don’t know our own rules. Surprise…not…
  • 09:00 Eastern Europe
  • 10:15 A totally different continent
  • 14:00 Get a buddy!
  • 17:00 2 weeks ago, This place wouldn’t have made my top 1000 list!
  • 20:00 Off the beaten path? who cares! We’re going anyway.
  • 27:20 We’ve seen it, but we’ve never been there!
  • 31:00 The country, not the state.

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