A Year of Living Prayerfully with Jared Brock, Part 2


Jared Brock shared some of his awesome experiences as he pursued his book deal for A Year of Living Prayerfully in our last episode.

Today, we talk about some of the adventures he had while researching his book.

And man, adventures they are.

Not only did he get to meet the Pope, but he also walked on hot coals, and even visited North Korea.

Jared shares some of his adventures as well as shares some advice on getting started with living a minimalist lifestyle and his biggest travel mishap.

This is Part 2 of a 2 part interview. To check out Part 1, click here!

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In This Episode:

  • 2:45 Getting an audience with the Pope.
  • 06:30 Walking on hot coals.
  • 09:57 Visiting North Korea & some crazy stories from Jared’s visit.
  • 21:35 Minimalism and traveling the world.
  • 22:15 Getting started with Minimalism.
  • 26:30 An “eco” farm Costa Rica turns into a truly terrible travel mishap.
  • 30:50Feeling safe sleeping at a bus station.
  • 33:10 Travel tips!

and much more!

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