Prague Travel Guide


  • Josefina– Right down the road from Lida Guesthouse, it’s as authentic and local as you can get.  Go to the basement for the non-smoking area, and don’t expect any English.  Do expect awesome food at phenomenal prices – huge baked chicken with pear, blue cheese, and cranberry for 155 Kc ($7), the best grilled vegetables ever for 45 Kc ($2) and the traditional Czech dish svickova (2 pieces of roast beef with dumplings in cranberry and lemon gravy) for 109 Kc ($4.75).  .5L of beer will set you back 36 Kc ($1.50).  Highly recommended.
  • Jan Puakert Deli– Cute cafe and coffee shop with amazing venecek – a Czech cream puff – for 24 Kc ($1).
  • U Medvidku- The flagship restaurant for Czech “Budweiser”.  Food is just decent, but huge portions.  290 Kc ($13) for the half duck platter that is big enough to feed two people.  Go for the experience of eating in the brewery, which you’ll find by going through to the back and up the stairs.  You’ll be assaulted by the smell of malt as they brew the world’s strongest beer, X33, right next to your table.
  • Cafe Louvre- The granddaddy of Prague cafe cultures, it’s run exactly like you’d imagine a classy cafe would have been run in 1902, when it opened.  Great views from the 2nd floor above the busy Nardoni street, and fabulous drinks.  My favorite, the hot chocolate with homemade ice cream runs 44 Kc ($2), while Heth’s favorite, the chocolate coffee and other drinks run 40-50Kc ($1.75-$2.25).
  • Indian Jewel- Really delicious Indian food right off the Old Town Square.  The trick is to come during lunch, when they run specials that are a 1/3 the price of their dinners.  Unfortunately, we learned the hard way.  For dinner, a large portion of chicken tikka curry costs an absurd 360 Kc ($16) and naan 60 Kc ($2.75).  Wine, surprisingly, is affordable, at 60 Kc ($2.75) for a big glass.
  • U Kroka– One of the top-rated restaurants in Prague on TripAdvisor for good reason.  Excellent service, good food, and great prices.  Glass of wine 44 Kc ($2), large beer 29 Kc ($1.30), and most importantly, a massive pork knuckle for 199 Kc ($9).  For those who enjoy less clogging of their arteries, chicken with ham and veggies is 175 Kc ($8).  If you’re in the neighborhood, head here.
  • Maitrea– When a vegetarian restaurant can win ME over, you know it’s phenomenal.  Make sure to head to the basement and go to the back room to really appreciate the amazing architecture and interior.  Then, enjoy the some of the freshest, most delicious food on the planet.  Lunch specials on weekdays start at 105 Kc ($4.75).  The best taco salad ever is 165 Kc ($7.50), so is the incredible focaccia, spinach, eggplant, and goat cheese sandwich.  Soup ran 35 Kc ($1.50), pumpkin oil hummus 70 Kc ($3).  To top it off, all the portions were huge, unlike most vegetarian places.  A must try, even for the carnivoriest of carnivores.
  • EMA Espresso Bar- Heather claims the cappuccino here is some of the best she has had.  It’s a bit pricey for Prague, and the cherry pie pastry was just ok, but hey…if you love cappuccinos, stop in.


  • Lida Guest House – A charming place with some of the most nicest owners you’ll ever meet.  Located in Prague 4, it’s in a quiet area south of the main downtown area.  If you’re only in Prague for 1-2 days, you may want to stay somewhere more central, like Residence Bene (see below), but if you’re there for a little bit, Lida Guest House will feel like home.  Read our full review here.
  • Residence Bene- Very centrally located, only a 5 minute walk to the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock and 5 minutes to the metro.  The rooms were clean, had a big bathroom, and even had a small refrigerator and kitchenette.  Nothing fancy, but for only 40€, it’s great value for the price and location.


  • Take a free walking tour- With so much history and cool stuff to see, Prague is the perfect place do a walking tour.  We took an awesome, 2.5 hour one with Sandeman Tours.  Since it’s a free walking tour, the quality of guides varies dramatically.  Make sure to seek out the one that seems the most enthusiastic when you arrive and go with them, regardless of your “number”.  We went with Michael, who was fantastic.  Just make sure to tip them well if you like it!
  • Visit the Strahov Monastery Library…and stay for a drink- It’s Prague, so of course they’ve got a brewery at the monastery.  Check out the views of the city, definitely pay to enter the library (something we didn’t do, whoops…look at these pictures), and then grab a handcrafted beer.
  • Eat a pork knuckle- They are everywhere, and they are delicious.  Just bring a friend, because it’s a lot of meat!
  • Check out David Cerny’s statues– David Cerny is a strange man (according to our tour guide, I’ve never met him personally) and he makes some strange statues.  They’re hilarious, bordering on offensive, and yet, they’re all over Prague, and he’s a national icon.  Gotta love the Czechs!  Do not miss his “Piss” statue and your chance to watch a statue spell out your text message.
  • Drink a few beers-  You may have heard that the Czech’s like their beer?  There is no shortage of breweries, and it’s hard to go wrong.  Here’s a list to get you started.

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