Porto Travel Guide



  • Abadia do Porto – Recommended to us by the owner of Casa dos Guinndais, Alvaro, he said if you want to go to a great “city” restaurant where businessman and locals alike frequent, then this is the place. He was not wrong. It was excellent. The service, the food and the atmosphere made this one of our favorite places to dine in Portugal.
  • Fraceshina – A Porto tradition – this sandwich is covered in meat and gravy on top of french fries. While I found it abhorrent, Trav loved it and anyone who enjoys meat on top of carbs on top of fries covered in gravy, will love it also. It can be found at any restaurant or pub, especially those along the riverside.
  • Leitaria da Quinta – An amazing selection of eclairs. This bakery was very good, perfect if your sweet tooth is calling to you.
  • Padaria Rebeiro – A bakery with great sandwiches, cookies and tarts. Great spot for a quick breakfast or lunch.


  • Calem – No trip to Porto is complete without visiting the numerous Port and Sherry wineries across the River in Gaia. Simply walk across the bridge and you have many options. We did a tour at both Calem and Sandeman and they were excellent.
  • Sandeman – a very fun and mysterious spot for sipping port.



  • Casa dos Guindais – This accommodation has made it on both Trav and my top ten list.┬áIt is one of the most unique accommodations we have stayed at and the location in Porto cannot be beat. With beautiful views of the Luis bridge and the Douro River, this quaint boutique hotel comes with our highest recommendation. Read our review here.
  • Tattva Design Hostel -Just around the corner from Casa dos Guindais. If you are looking for a budget accommodation then this is a great spot. We have never stayed here, but Trav’s sister, Gale, stayed here when we were in Portugal together and she enjoyed it.


  • Visit the wine cellars across the river in Gaia (see above).
  • Hang out under the Dom Luis Bridge. This area along the river has a lot of activity – shops, vendors and restaurants and bars all vie for your attention as you walk by. A great place to grab a meal or a drink and people watch.
  • Walk to the “Harry Potter Bookshop”. Livraria Lello is the location where JK Rawlings wrote the first Harry Potter book. It is a beautiful bookstore and worth a look, just don’t try to take any pictures!
  • Take a boat cruise on the Douro River. This is a great opportunity to take photos of the many bridges that connect Porto and Gaia – 6 to be exact.
  • Wander through the historic center of Porto. Anywhere you walk in Porto you will find amazing gothic and neoclassic architecture. The city is filled with graphic colors and tiles so grab your camera, get out there and snap some amazing photos!


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