I LOVE talking to people, especially when they want to talk about travel, entrepreneurship, or geek out on frequent flyer miles.

But recently, we’ve been getting so many emails that it’s become tough to respond to all of them as quickly as I want.  To help the process, please just check below the best ways to get a hold of me.

If you’ve got an easy to answer question or just want to say hi, Twitter or Facebook is the best way:

Twitter:  @PackofPeanuts

Facebook:  Extra Pack of Peanuts Facebook page

If you have a travel or business related product, service or app that you want us to review or you own a hotel, guesthouse, or resort and you’d like us to stay there, we will occasionally do this.  Please email:

Email:  media [at] extrapackofpeanuts [dot] com

*Any emails about this type of thing that aren’t sent to the above email address will automatically get deleted*

If you’d like us to appear on your podcast, tv show, magazine, etc., please also email:

Email:  media [at] extrapackofpeanuts [dot] com

If you’re an EPoP reader or listener and have a longer question or don’t fit in to any of the other categories, please email me directly:

Email:  team [at] extrapackofpeanuts [dot] com

**We do not accept sponsored or guests post on our site, so please don’t waste our time or yours by asking about posting on our site.**






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