what is a fuel surcharge

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One of the most important things that anyone who wishes to earn or use frequent flyer miles must learn about is fuel surcharges.

Start earning frequent flyer miles with the right airline, and you can be flying for less than $100 to almost anywhere in the world.

But earn miles with the wrong airline, and you could be looking at a “free” frequent flyer ticket that costs well over $600.

And nobody wants that!

Unfortunately, figuring out which airlines charge fuel surcharges for which flights can be really difficult.

Luckily, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

What is a fuel surcharge?

Before everything else, it’s important to know what a fuel surcharge is.  Basically, a fuel surcharge is the dirty little secret of airlines.

In order to save themselves money, many airlines have started to impose a fuel surcharge on award tickets (which are tickets you “buy” with frequent flyer miles).

What happens is that many airlines will give you the “fare” for free when you use frequent flyer miles, but you’ll have to pay the “taxes and fees”.

The sneaky airlines will then include the fuel surcharge as part of the “taxes and fees” section, which means you have to pay that.


When airlines do this, the taxes and fees can be 60-80% of the original ticket price anyway!

For example, you may pay 60,000 miles and $500 in taxes and fees for an award ticket from New York to London, whereas you could sometimes purchase a ticket outright for $700.

Obviously, this is an awful use your frequent flyer miles, which is why fuel surcharges should be avoided at all costs.

You’ve worked hard for your frequent flyer miles, and they should be used to help you travel to your dream destination for almost free….

NOT used to pay airlines who throw in a bunch of fine print hoping that you don’t read it!

By learning which airlines do and do not charge fuel surcharges, you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars each year.

And as an added bonus, you’ll also be giving your business to the airlines who really do have the customers best intentions in mind, not ones that try to swindle you.

Now that you know what a fuel surcharge is, you’re ready to learn how to find one.

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