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As promised, the Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles has returned….

And just in time for a last minute gift idea (especially convenient for people like me who have still haven’t bought a thing yet)!

And guess what?  It’s even better than the first version!

I took all the reader feedback I got from the pre-launch last month and tweaked the entire guide to make it as perfect as possible.

I had so much extra information that I wanted to share with you that I actually wrote TWO EXTRA GUIDES in the last month to serve as supplements to the main guide.

Now, you’ll also get “The Six Secret Techniques of a Frequent Flyer Pro” and “The Art of the App-o-Rama”….completely free!  

Of course, you’ll still receive the Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles written guide, the Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles audiobook, 9 HD video tutorials, the Ultimate Frequent Flyer Spreadsheet, and lifetime updates as well.

There is A LOT of information jammed in to this package, so if you want to fast track your mileage-earning, head on over to the Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles page now!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or email directly (




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