Upcoming Podcast Guests

So, you love the Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast, eh?

Well why not join in on the fun and get your questions answered by some of the world’s foremost travel experts!

Here’s a list of all the upcoming podcast guests with a link to the site and a note on their area of expertise (other than being just plain awesome).

You can submit a question 2 ways:

  1. Post your question in the comments section below, making sure to specify the guest.
  2. Email me at trav [at] extrapackofpeanuts [dot] com with “Podcast Question for _______” in the heading.

Listed below is the tentative date I’ll be recording with each guest, so get the questions in before that!


31st- Sean Aiken

One Week Job

Expertise:  Finding your career path through travel



26th- Jodi Ettenberg

Legal Nomads

Expertise:  Eating your way through countries, law


Dates To Be Determined

Chris Guillebeau

Art of Non Conformity

Expertise:  Traveling to Every Country, Entrepreneurship, Living Life on Your Own Terms

Bo Cordle


Expertise:  Sailing Around the World, Dropping Everything and Just Doing it



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