Making Pizza – Italian Style

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Italy and pizza… a synonymous thought in everyone’s mind. 

For the past two weeks, we have had the pleasure of staying in a beautifully renovated Tuscan farmhouse with the best hosts imaginable.

From the first night we arrived, David and Francesca made us feel completely welcome in “The Barn” of their Tuscan estate.

The second night, Trav wandered over to the main house to ask our hosts a question, and returned 45 minutes later with an invitation for an impromptu dinner.

During dinner, which consisted of “nothing special” according David, but in fact, was an incredible dish of ribollita, we were invited back again the next night for a very special Tuscan BBQ.


During the BBQ, we inquired about taking a Tuscan cooking class, and David and Francesca said we could learn how to make our very own Italian style pizza at The Farmhouse since there was a beautiful outdoor oven right outside The Barn.


We made plans to cook the pizza a few days later, which would serve as Round 3 of our Tuscan eating experience.

Here’s how it’s done!

Making Pizza – Italian Style


An authentic Italian pizza starts with local ingredients.


You MUST have tomatoes from Naples (which are canned and can be found in any grocery store).

David simply pureed a large can of crushed tomatoes and added a bit of salt. The result is fresh and slightly sweet.


The dough is made from special flour (that David procured so we have no idea where to find it), yeast, and water.



After the dough is mixed, knead it together and let it rise for up to 24 hours (but two is enough).

Tomato-sauce-and-dough Kneading-Dough

At this point we went out to start the fire in the brick oven as it takes a few hours to heat up.

When the inside walls of the oven are white, it is ready for pizza!


The best way to test the oven is to make focaccia.

While David claims “it’s only to test if the oven is ready for pizza”, the resulting focaccia, baked with fresh rosemary picked from the garden and sprinkled with olive oil and salt, is DELICIOUS in it’s own right!


Now that we know the oven is ready, creativity reigns as we make any type of pizza we can think of.


It is actually harder than you think to make a perfectly round pie.

David shows how the masters do it.


Practice makes perfect and after making at least 10 pizzas, we are both confident that we can recreate this pizza at home.

Now all we have to do is build a brick oven.

(If any stone masons or construction experts want to make a trip to Philadelphia, we’ll gladly cook the pizzas for you)!



  1. Brian says:

    When you get the craving in Philly check out Capogiro’s new pizza place on Chestnut between 2nd & 3rd. They imported both the stone and the crafstmen for the oven.

    1. Trav says:

      @Brian- Awesome, will have to do that. And when I get my own brick oven, you’ll have to come try it out!

  2. John says:

    I just stumbled upon your post – looking for pizza recipes of course. Your pictures make my mouth water and my mind flies to those amazing meals I tried in Italy. These people really know how to cook!

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