human trafficking

As a 21st century traveler, it’s very hard to top the quality of life you can have in S.E.Asia.

Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam offer first world travelers the opportunity to enjoy amazing food, exotic scenery, beautiful beaches, and wonderful local hospitality, all at a fraction of the cost that most of us are accustomed to.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia and my travels there have been some of the best of my life.

They really can be a paradise.

But as a traveler to S.E. Asia, there’s another cost of living you should care about – the cost involved in human trafficking.

It’s a $32 billion global industry subjecting victims to the most unimaginable horrors.

Ben Randall, a filmmaker and photographer, is making a documentary film about the search for a Hmong friend from Vietnam, a girl named M who was kidnapped two years ago when she was only 16.

He wants to find M, and find out what can be done to stop the same thing from happening to others like her.

What is Human Trafficking?

It involves women, children, and men being bought and sold into forced labor and prostitution.  It affects an estimated 2 to 4 million people annually.

50% of these are estimated to be children.

In dollar terms, human trafficking has surpassed the illegal sale of arms and will surpass the illegal sale of drugs in the next few years.

Victims of child trafficking can be used and abused over and over.

What can you do to change these numbers?

Take 3 minutes to watch this short video describing “The Human, Earth Project”

If you find yourself wondering what you can do to stop these horrible atrocities, every little action helps.

Here are a few ways to support the documentary.

1.  Making a small donation to bring this project to life.

Visit the Human Earth Project Crowdfunding Page

There are some great rewards icnluding exclusives prints and a chance to have your name in the movie credits

2.  Share this project on your favorite social media site

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If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to ask me in the comments below.  I’ll even be in touch with Ben, the filmmaker, who may drop by and comment as well.

Thanks for helping make a difference.

— Trav

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