Why should you do this?

With the Bluebird card you can pay all sorts of bills, such as your mortgage and student loans, that you can’t pay with a credit card.

Since you are earning points for buying Vanilla Reload cards with a credit card and then using those Vanilla Reload cards to pay your bill via Bluebird, you are now earning miles and points for paying those bills!


By doing this on a $1,500 mortgage each month, you’d earn an extra 18,000 miles each year if you simply use a regular credit card that earns 1x per $1 spent.

Links You Need:

Bluebird.com– The place to go to sign up for (Step #1) and register (Step #3) your Bluebird card.

VanillaReload.com– Go here to find locations that sell Vanilla Reload cards (Step #5) and to add your Vanilla cards to your Bluebird account (Step #7)

AngryBirds.com– The ultimate time-killer.

What bills have you used your Bluebird card to pay?  Where are you buying your Vanilla Reloads?  Let us know in the comments below!

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