A Jewel In Montmartre- The Best Place to Stay in Paris

Posted By Heather

23 [My accommodations in Paris were complimentary, courtesy of GowithOh. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.]


In Paris, we stayed in a cute 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom GowithOh apartment in the Montmartre quarter, just a few blocks above Moulin Rouge and a short ten minute hike up to Sacre-Coeur.

We couldn’t have asked for a better location, especially since we were around the corner from one of the best bakeries in all of Paris – Le Grenier au Pain.

The apartment was on a very quiet, mainly pedestrian street. While the apartment was small (like most Parisian apartments) it was more than comfortable for two people and the kitchen was well equipped and we easily made use of it several times during our stay.

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The bedroom made great use of the space by having a very comfortable lofted bed that you could pull up or down depending on the use of the room.Bedroom

The bedroom also had a desk which was convenient when I needed to get some work done.

The beautiful french style windows in both the living room and bedroom opened up easily and were perfect for letting in the sun or breeze.

Living Room

The biggest part of the apartment was the bathroom, which was very spacious and clean. We are always happen when a shower or tub has a full curtain so the floor doesn’t get wet!



As mentioned, this apartment really was in a perfect location.  Montmartre was always lively, with people out and about.

Since we were tucked away in a side street, we were just seconds from the action but away from the noise.

If you are looking for a “real” Parisian atmosphere then this is the place to be.  There are copious amounts of cafes and brasseries where everyone is sitting outside enjoying a drinking a latte.

There are two metro stations (Blanche and Abbesses) which are less than a 5 minute walk away and a Velib bike sharing station literally outside the door of the apartment, making transportation to the rest of Paris extremely convenient.

And of course, the highlight is that one of Paris’s most recognizable landmarks, Sacre-Coeur, is right up the street.

The view of the basilica and the city all lit up at night as an extraordinary experience.

photo (3)

Final Word(s)

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Paris, look no further.

This apartment has it all; an amazing location, plenty of space for two people, a comfortable bed and all the amenities you could need, such as fast wifi, a well stocked kitchen, and even a washing machine.

And most importantly, it comes with a price tag that won’t bust your budget (a rarity in Paris).

We’ve stayed in four different places in Paris over the last two months, including the $1,000/night Park Hyatt Vendome and the $400+/night Hilton Opera and this was by far our favorite.

Next time we swing through the City of Lights, we know where we’ll be staying!

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  1. FlyingCajun says:

    Thanks for maning my heart swell up. I LOVE Paris, I could never get enough of that city. I’m going to book mark the property and keep it on my ‘goto’ list!

    1. Trav says:

      @FlyingCajun- Definitely stay there, it’s a really awesome location, right in the heart of everything and for Paris, incredibly cheap. You can’t beat it!

  2. JustSaying says:

    The only way I would pick an Oh property in Paris would be if I intended to stay one month or more which this spot comes in at $5,101 which I don’t consider a bargain……..Free nights with points at the Park Hyatt Vendome with free Diamond member breakfast is far superior to this IMHO………………..

    1. Trav says:

      @JustSaying- I agree, if you have free nights, you should definitely use them in Paris, since everything is so expensive there. We did use some of our free nights at the Vendome and the Hilton Opera. But some people don’t have free nights, and honestly, I much preferred the location of the apartment to those hotels, since there isn’t much around them. I like Montmartre area better.

      And unless you have gobs of free nights, you won’t be able to stay free the whole time, and I’d much rather pay $120-150 a night than $400+. If you are going to stay a month, I’d also consider writing GowithOh and asking for a monthly discount. I’m guessing you might be able to get a pretty good deal for a monthly rental, although I can’t say for sure.

      1. JustSaying says:

        It’s another good option in the mix no doubt……..

  3. Willy Wong says:

    While I’m sure this is a fine option, calling it the “best” in Paris (by any measure) is quite a stretch. Further, it looks like quite of a few of the photos in the post are supplied by the same company that gave you a free stay. Any reason you didn’t take your own photos? Typically bloggers’ own photos give a much more realistic impression of a property to their readers.

    1. Trav says:

      @Willy Wong- The best is of course subjective, and I can only speak from the 3 experiences I had, which were the Park Hyatt Vendome, Hilton Opera, and this apartment. I can only have opinions on places I’ve stayed, and to me, this is the best. As far as the pictures, the place does look exactly like the pictures. We did take our own, but again, they looked exactly the same, so we chose to use these ones.

      I take great care to only recommend places that: 1. I’ve actually stayed at for a length of time and 2. Actually enjoyed and feel comfortable recommending. I think longtime readers know that. There have been plenty of things I’ve done or places I’ve stayed that I haven’t written about because I didn’t think it was worth it for my readers. In this case, though, I would go back to this apartment in a heartbeat.

  4. bringthekid says:

    Thanks for the tip on the GoWithOh apartments. We just found a place for our trip to paris next month for our family of 6 for around $200 a night, which is by far the best deal we’ve found (and it’s significantly bigger than any hotel and looks a ton nicer). Thanks Travis!

    1. Trav says:

      @bringthekid- Yep, can’t beat that…$200 a night in Paris is like $50 a night anywhere else! Do you have a link to the place you booked so others can check it out?

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