Frequent Flyer Bootcamp 2.0 
The Frequent Flyer Bootcamp MasterClass
Learn how to travel anywhere in the world for under $100...

with our brand new and completely updated version of the world's first, and best selling, travel hacking course!

"Using what I learned from Frequent Flyer Bootcamp, I was able to book a crazy, around the world trip and fly to Vegas, DC, Milan, Venice, Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh - all for under $600 total!

And as a bonus, Travis pointed out some great credit card offers!

Frequent Flyer Bootcamp has definitely been a high value service to me!"

Robb Hillman

"Before I signed up for Frequent Flyer Bootcamp, I was confused about the methods used to get cheap travel, but Bootcamp has cleared it up for me.

Now, I can actually book a complicated itinerary! In fact, I visited Jordan and Cambodia on one single ticket - something I never would have been able to do without this course!"

Jerry Arlansky
Travis Sherry
One of the World's Foremost Experts on Cheap Travel...they even gave me my own tv show!
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Most people believe travel has to be expensive...
...especially flights!

Have you spent hundreds, or even thousands of dollars before on flights?

Do you hate the stress of finding the best, cheapest tickets?

Are you tired of not knowing WHERE to look and WHEN to look for the best prices?

Have you tried to use frequent flyer miles before, only to grow so frustrated that you simply gave up?

If you could fly anywhere in the world for under $100, would that change your whole world?

The truth is, if you learn the secrets of "travel hacking", you can fly anywhere in the world for under $100.

The reality is, the airlines make it confusing and frustrating on purpose.

They don't want you to know how to find the best prices on flights and how to use frequent flyer miles.

But here's the best part - you only need to know FOUR main things to easily end the confusion and frustration and start flying around the world for under $100:

  • How to quickly, easily, and effectively EARN hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles without ever stepping on a flight and by doing things that you already do.
  • Which frequent flyer miles are the RIGHT ones to be earning - and which to avoid.  Not all frequent flyer miles are created equal (far from it)...and you'll want to be earning the ones that can actually get you free flights.
  • How to REDEEM miles for free flights by knowing when and where to look.  Airlines make this hard on purpose, but fortunately, you only need to the 3 places to look, and you'll be able to quickly and easily see if flights are available...and then book them!
  • How to repeat this process over and over again so that you can continue to travel anywhere you want, whenever you want...because once you start, you won't want to stop!
What will you learn in Frequent Flyer Bootcamp?

Chances are you've seen or heard of people using "travel hacking" to travel the world for almost free.

The reason why is because it works! 

But just because it works doesn't mean it's simple to figure out on your own.  I know, because I've spent over 5 years learning the ins and outs.

I don't want you to spend that much time - I want you to start living your travel dreams immediately, which is why on this masterclass I'm going to show you step-by-step how to earn and redeem frequent flyer miles so that you can be flying anywhere in the world for under $100 in the next 3 months.

I'm going to give you everything you need to do this, including:

  • The 5 best ways to earn miles, including one that can earn you up to 100,000 miles in just a few minutes.
  • Our insanely informative "Credit Card Video Guide", which answers every question you have about credit cards, including how to pick the right card, how to make sure your points don't expire, and rules to keep your credit score high.
  • A ranked list of the best and worst points, including pros and cons for each, so that you never end up stuck with "worthless points".
  • The Expert's Guide to Chase Points, which teaches you exactly how to get the most out of the world's most valuable frequent flyer currency (and my personal favorite).
  • The "Secret Bullet of Frequent Flyer Miles", stopovers and open-jaws, which allow you to use your frequent flyer miles to take 3 or 4 vacations....for the price of 1!
  • How to avoid airline fuel surcharges, which is the #1 thing you need to know to make sure you're getting a $50 ticket instead of a $500 one. 
  • How to book FREE one-way tickets and the one airline that allows you to do this the quickest and easiest.  
  • The ONLY 3 website you need to search for flights - the ones the airlines don't want you to know about - which will save you hours and hours of frustration and stress.
  • The 2 rules for WHEN to search for tickets that will guarantee you the best chance at getting the flights you want and the best prices - especially during peak travel season!
  • BONUS #1:  The Cheap Flights Toolkit - A 5 video series on how to always score the cheapest paid flights using our "two step", hidden airlines, mistake fares, and more.
  • BONUS #2:  The Cheap Sleeps Video Series - A 6 video series that will ensure you're not only scoring the cheapest accommodations, but teach you methods to score FREE accommodations in some of the nicest places in the world (like a ski in/ski out mansion in Breckenridge that I stayed in for a month - totally free!)
  • BONUS #3:  The Three Bonus Tools of Frequent Flyer Experts - These are "super nerdy" tools only frequent flyer experts (and now you) know about that will save you hours of time and make your travel hacking more efficient. 

    BONUS #4:  Step by Step Guide to Getting the Cheapest Car Rentals - The simple but effective process I use to make sure I'm always scoring the best rides at the lowest prices.
Travel anywhere for under $100!
"Travis is an absolute wizard when it comes to hacking travel, and has helped me fly first class to Hawaii, Amsterdam, and Croatia for just a few bucks.
Steve Kamb
Founder, Nerd Fitness
This Black Friday deal is a special presale for Frequent Flyer Bootcamp 2.0.  You'll receive access to the course when it's released to the public on Dec. 12th.

  But by signing up now, you'll get $300 off the regular price PLUS 4 free bonuses!

"Bootcamp over delivers in every way imaginable. I dramatically increased my points/miles plus I learned how to use those hard earned points/miles so they wouldn't go to waste. 

Bootcamp is the gift that keeps on giving because I can use these strategies for the rest of my life to save tens of thousands of dollars on flights.  

If you love to travel and hate paying for flights then buying bootcamp is a no brainer. "

Jason Moore, Zero to Travel

"When I started collecting miles, I was super confused.  I was applying for the worng credit cards and earning very little miles.

I bought Bootcamp and quickly realized I was doing everything wrong.  I got on the right track shortly after going through the course and can now say that I haven't paid for a single flight in the last two years.

All my friends think I'm some sort of genius (I guess I am now)! 

Matt Giovanisci, Money Lab
Still Got Questions?  We've Got Answers!
After completing Frequent Flyer Bootcamp, will I be able to book my own tickets with frequent flyer miles?
Yes, yes, and yes!  I'll be showing you EVERYTHING I have learned from 4 years of booking hundreds of tickets.  By the end, you'll have the tools and skills necessary to book your own tickets with frequent flyer miles.
I've tried to use frequent flyer miles before but it was too difficult.  Why should I try again?
It was difficult before because the airline industry purposefully makes it difficult so that people DON'T redeem their frequent flyer miles.  Frequent Flyer Bootcamp cuts through all  the mess that airlines use to confuse you and shows you how to actually use them.  In fact, YOU are the perfect student.
Can I do Bootcamp at my own pace?
Yep!  You'll receive all the Frequent Flyer Bootcamp material when we launch, complete with our recommended order of learning and from there, you can work at your own pace.  Plus, the Frequent Flyer Bootcamp material is yours to keep forever, so you can always rewatch or reread them whenever you'd like.

Fact:  After surveying current Bootcamp members, over 50% of them said they have re-watched the videos again at least once!
I'm a complete newbie.  Is this product right for me?
Yes!  Bootcamp features material for all different skill sets, waking you through everything from how to start earning miles all the way to the advanced techniques, like stopovers and open jaws.  No matter what your skill level coming in, you'll be an expert by the time you're done and be booking free travel...we guarantee it!
What if I only travel 1-2 times a year?  Is this course still worth it
Yes, the cost of the course is less than most international flights.  So, even if you use this course to help you book 2 tickets, you're still saving money.  But, here's the best part - you can use this knowledge forever!  Meaning you'll be able to book flights in the future, year after year, saving you thousands and maybe even tens of thousands of dollars!.
What is the difference between Frequent Flyer Bootcamp and the Travel Hacking Masterclass?
The easiest way to understand the difference is thinking of the Travel Hacking Masterclass as one 3 hour college lecture whereas Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is a complete college course.  

The Travel Hacking Masterclass was one 3 hour live teaching session that covered the basics and broader points of frequent flyer miles.

Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is a complete, in depth video course that not only goes over the basics, but also covers all the advanced techniques and shows you, through video tutorials, exactly how to do everything.  With Bootcamp, you get 10 learning modules, each that covers a certain topic (credit cards, using miles, advanced techniques, etc.)  Within each module, you'll have 3-7 videos, with each video being 4-8 minutes long.

This allows you to start and stop when you would like and digest the information in bite sized chunks so that it's truly work at your own pace.

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