This may seem like strange advice from a restless traveler who is always urging you to get off the couch and see the world, but in this case, the where isn’t about a physical location.

3 years ago, Chris Guillebeau was a relatively unknown blogger who was publishing his first book and going out on a book tour that he was putting on himself.

He was asking for volunteers to host him and some of his team members as he came through different cities.

I jumped at the chance to host when they came through Philadelphia.

Preliminary plans were made, and I was going to meet and be inspired by Chris, a hero of mine, in person.

We were going to stay up at night talking about life and entrepreneurship.

His guidance was going to help me hatch an idea, and I was going to finally start something of my own…and it was going to be big!

And then I moved to Switzerland.

The months rolled by.

I moved back to America and started teaching high school again.

The months rolled by.

I decided I needed a change.  I moved to Japan and continued teaching high school.

The months turned in to a year.

Nothing big happened.

And then, finally, after a year and a half of inaction, I started this site.

Readership grew slowly.

I wrote some really good posts, and some not so good posts.  I started to find my voice.

Readership grew more rapidly.

I started an email newsletter to build a stronger community.

I wrote a book.

People loved it.

I started a podcast and have had the chance to interview some of the world’s top travel experts.

People love it.

And yet, as I plan to head to the World Domination Summit in July and finally meet Chris for the first time, I can’t help but think….

What could have been?

If I had hosted Chris way back then, would I have reached the incredibly high heights that he has reached?

Would I have over 100,000 twitter followers?

Would I be hosting a world renowned conference of over 300 people?

Would I be chums with some of the world’s foremost internet entrepreneurs?

The answer to some of these questions might be yes.

And sitting here now as medium level blogger with a 1,750 twitter followers, looking up at Chris, I sometimes get jealous.


Longing for what he has.


If I had never gone to Switzerland,

I never would have had the hilarious experience of driving a $250,000 trophy up the coast of Italy to Lausanne.

I never would have attended the world’s greatest party, Oktoberfest, with some of my best friends.

I never would have drank wine from the vineyard that I LIVED ON.

And I never would have been inspired to travel more, which means:

I never would have gone to Japan and made some of the best memories and friends I’ll ever have.

I never would have backpacked through Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

I never would have eaten the best food of my life, or eaten the weirdest.

I never would have scuba dived on the Great Barrier Reef.

I never would have ridden camels in India or elephants in Chiang Mai.

And I never would have started this website, because I never would have had the passion to teach others about travel.

I never would have 1,750+ awesome twitter followers.

I never would have 30,000+ monthly viewers.

I never would have 1,200+ incredible newsletter subscribers.

And I never would have the amazing community that has been built here at Extra Pack of Peanuts over the last 1.5 years.

So instead of lamenting “what could have been”, I think it’s time I’m happy about where I am.

Because where I am is pretty damn sweet!

(photos courtesy of 2ni, Dicko2007)

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