10 Million Mile Challenge: Earn Frequent Flyer Miles, Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card, and Help Reach a Goal!

Posted By Trav

1 million? Please! We're heading towards 10 million!

If you’re here, then you love earning frequent flyer miles! Also, I’m willing to bet you love free stuff! And if anything like the hundreds of wonderful readers I regularly hear from, you also enjoy seeing others earn miles and helping them learn the ropes . Welcome to the three tenents behind the 10 Million Mile Challenge!

I’ve been overwhelmed with growth in numbers and activity of the Extra Pack of Peanuts community since I first launched the blog in January and now it’s time to give back to the you, the readers, while also attempting to quantify the impact the EPoP community has. To do that, I’m laying before you a challenge: To reach 10 million cumulative frequent flyer miles!

The challenge, and contest behind it, is simple. Every time you use a link on this site (any link, referral or not) to get approved for a credit card and earn frequent flyer miles, let me know 1 of 3 ways:

  • Email- Shoot me a short message (trav@extrapackofpeanuts.com). Put “10 Million Mile Challenge” in the subject line and include your name (first and last please, so I can differentiate should you win), what card you got, and how much the signup bonus was.
  • Twitter- Tweet me @PackofPeanuts and tell me what card and the signup bonus, using #10MMC

Your name will be entered in to a spreadsheet and you’ll be given an entry number. When we hit 10 million miles, I’ll pull a random number and the corresponding entry number will win a $100 Amazon gift card.

You CAN enter more than once.  You are allowed 1 entry for EVERY sign up bonus you receive.  Just make sure to send me a separate email, tweet, or facebook post for each card so that you get different entry numbers!

Every Sunday, I’ll post a 10 Million Mile Challenge Update that will include the names of the people who entered that last week and the mileage earned.  I’ll also include the total mileage earned throughout the competition, so you can see just how close we are getting to hitting 10 million!

So why not join us as we march towards 10 million?  You’ll be earning miles, have a chance to win a nice little prize, and be motivating and encouraging others to earn as well.  What’s not to love?

The contest has begun, so start earning and either tweeting, facebooking, or emailing me your results!

If you have any other questions, please visit 10 Million Mile Challenge page for more specifics or ask in the comments below.  I’ll be sure to clarify any questions you might have.


  1. Ken says:

    @Trav – Does this also apply to other ways to earn points or only through CC signups?

    BTW, something isn’t showing up correctly on the 10 million miler page at the comments section and below. The colors are off and I can’t read any text.

    1. Trav says:

      @Ken- Due to the difficulty of tracking all the other types of ways a person can earn miles (shopping online, promotions, actual flying) I am limiting the 10 Million Mile Challenge to only credit card signups.

      Thanks for letting me know about the comments section on the page. I’ll check in to it!

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