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  • Just saying, it is worthwhile to check your links before posting, like Williampaid says on their website, that it is no accepting payments anymore…

    • @Andy- Thanks for letting me know. That is brand new, didn’t see that when I first wrote the article two weeks ago. I’ll change it now.

  • If I use CitiAA card to load Target Redcard, will it be coded as a cash advance? I regularly load it now, but never with Citi credit card. Meeting min spend on CitiBusiness AA card. Thanks!

    • Mike – I used a Citi card to load $25 on my prepaid redcard on Tuesday as a trial, and it was coded as a regular grocery store purchase. My Citi AA card is on its way, so I wanted to verify that this method would work for me.

    • Hey Mike,

      I’ve been looking for the same information, and it seems to be hard to find. I did find out on that As of 12/31/2014: Loading with Citi credit cards post as purchases.

      I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to go today and see what happens. Trying to meet the minimum spend for the Personal Citi AA card.

  • There is another flavor of number 14 (pick up the tab – cheapskate version). If I’m at other stores and my mom or others with me are paying with cash I charge theirs separately it and take the cash.

    #9 – I always stock up on Outback cards when they give a $20 card for buying $100 in gift cards. I gift some and use others (can’t beat 20% discount).

    • @Carl P- That’s great. Any time you can pay for someone else and get the points and meet the minimum spends, it’s great. I don’t eat at Outback ever, really, but yeah, a 20% is discount is awesome. I’d stock up!

  • Actually 21. You have two 13s.

    Maybe it counts as “regular spending” (#2), but use the credit card for reimbursable business expenses whenever you can. I’d rather go grab a printer from Staples down the street than order through the company account. Then I can use my credit card and Staples number. It can also be good for the company as there are a lot of instant savings that they have in the store or regular web site (especially printers), but not offered in the business web site.

  • Follow up – that link doesn’t take you to the limits page. If you go there, there isn’t a credit card options listed for adding money to the prepaid card.

  • This is a Grey Area that I wouldnt recommend except as a last resort… But what if you were to Buy a $1,000 item, and then return it 28 days later, after your bonus has posted?

    • @Chris- Yeah, that is a bit of a “grey” area. I know people who have done it, and it usually works, but I don’t recommend it at all. Too much risk involved, as well as I don’t feel right about it.

  • I have a medicare advantage plan.One of the points blogs stated that it is possible to pay Medicare a year in advance via credit card.Does anyone know if this is this true for a medicare advantage plan as well. If so, who? how? Do date this is deducted monthly from my SS payment.

  • Trav I submitted the free credit card consultation about 3 times already in the last 3 months? Are you still doing this for free or is it a paid service?

    • @Cory- I definitely am still doing it, and have actually gotten back to everyone who has submitted one, so for whatever reason, it must not be going through. Weird. Could you just email me directly at trav@extrapackofpeanuts (dot) com and put CC Consult in the heading? I’ll be on the lookout for it.

  • 1. Only buy merchant gift cards at discount. Never at full price. Like buying money at a discount.Set alerts in Sign up. 2. Is there ANY place that lets you buy money orders with credit cards? 3. Buy $500 gift cards at Simon malls/outlets and in grocery stores. With no PIN, Citcards accepts them by phone for payments. Otherwise, with PINs,which convert them into debit cards,buy money orders at Walmart and deposit them in your bank account. I pay the MO fees separately in cash.

    • @Jerry Mandel- Giftcardgranny is a great resource, thanks for sharing. I don’t know anywhere that lets you buy money orders with credit cards around me, but some people have had luck at smaller grocery stores.

  • For any Costco frequent shoppers: you can buy Costco Cash (gift cards) online with a credit card and have it mailed to you. I usually spend ~$100 every week between Costco groceries and Costco Gas so I now buy the cash cards with my credit card in advance and use that to pay for my usual Costco expenses. This is another way to meet a minimum spend as well as getting points for everyday spending. I use my Chase Sapphire Preferred for everyday spending.

    Also, Costco Online accepts credit cards other than American Express! So now I still get to do my usual spending for groceries and gas at the wholesale price, maybe even pay for my membership with the cash when time to renew, and at the end of the year I will get even more cash back from Costco because I am still spending a good chunk there! WIN WIN WIN FOR ME!!! Try it!

  • I got both the SWA business premier and SWA plus cards to make the 100,000 point minimum. Can I transfer $2000 via paypal to a friend, then have them write me a check afterward for $2000 to repay me? I understand I’ll be on the hook for the $60 fee (3% for the transfer). . .

  • For anyone that still needs to meet minimum spend, Square is actually running a promotion right now where you can get 1k processed fee free if you sign up for a new account

    Here’s the link:

    I unfortunately already had an account, but was able to sign up with a family members info (with their permission of course) with no issues

    • Hi Stephanie,
      How did you process? Send an invoice? I’ve just signed up and thinking that’s the way to do it! Am I on the right track?

  • Hey all! I’m trying to find more direct ways of meeting the minimum spends, and was wondering if using Venmo (it’s an app), would also work. If I enter my credit card details and then send money to say, my brother (who would then give me cash back), will it be treated as a purchase or a cash advance?

    • @Has- I’m not sure with Venmo. I’d recommend trying it with a small amount and seeing what happens. It might be a purchase, and if it is, you’re good to go, but…just make sure you check how much of a fee they take. If it’s a lot, it might only be worth it for minimum spends, but not for doing it all the time.

  • Does the period for the spending requirement start counting on the day you open the card or on the day you activate the card? I’m specifically concerned about the Barclay Arrival + and the Delta Skymiles. Thanks!

    • @Luis- It starts when you get approved for the card. So if you get approved automatically the day you apply, it starts then. It doesn’t matter if you wait to activate it, the clock starts ticking when you get approved.

  • Would it work to purchase a Paypal gift card ($50 for example) with a credit card, then enter the credit ($50) into my own Paypal account, which then I can transfer into my bank account to use as cash? I’m not a huge spender but a few of my larger spendings are generally via cash.

    • @Jamie- Yes, but you have to find a place that will let you buy a Paypal gift card with a credit card. Most places that I know of won’t let you do that. But if you did, yes that would count. Also, be sure that there isn’t a huge fee on the Paypal gift card (like a $3.95 activation fee for a $50 card or something crazy). If there is, that’s a pretty huge percentage and you might want to try something else.

  • @Trav – Amazing post! I was wondering: can I pay my credit card bill with another credit card? For example, can I make purchases with my Chase Freedom card and then pay that bill with my Chase Sapphire Preferred card in order to simultaneously meet the minimum spend for BOTH cards? I feel like this is either a *GENIUS* idea or completely useless. I just got approved for both cards, so please let me (us) know before I activate them. Thanks!

    • @Dan McDaniel- No, unfortunately you can’t pay a credit card bill with a credit card. It has to be a debit card, bank, etc. but not a credit card.

    • @Rin – Yeah, different stores have different rules. So you have to find stores that will allow you and go that route. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Coinbase allows you to buy Bitcoin with a CC. Limits increase the more you buy. Fee is under 2%, not sure of the exact amount. Bitcoin convertible back to USD and quite usable online

    • @Dee – Hmmmm…interesting. I’ve never done that, and I’ve never messed with bitcoin really, but that could definitely be useable for some people. Thanks for sharing!

  • Public transport with cards that can be registered in case of loss or theft are another good thing to load up on. I know they work in New York, London and DC and likely other big cities. Just check for max amounts, for example Chicago’s Ventra allows up to $300 but you presumably get 2 or 3 cards, and max out each of them.

  • Plastiq is running a promo (soon to be over) offering 400 fee-free dollars if you make a payment by April 18th – using Plastiq is a great for paying bills, rent, mortgage, etc. with credit cards to meeting minimum spend. If anyone wants to try Plastiq and get 400 fee free dollars during the promotional period – please use my link

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  • Including Walmart, there is NO place in Dallas, TX area that will sell money orders using prepaid ($500) gift cards with PINs. It used to be my bonus spending was all that way. There is only so much I can prepay on utilities and other monthly bills.