Top 15 (or so) Questions About Frequent Flyer Miles

Posted By Trav

Inspired by our recent Travel Hacking Masterclass we wanted to go through some of the most common questions about Frequent Flyer miles that we get here at Extra Pack of Peanuts.

We’ve even brought on fan favorite, Napkins, on to help!

EPoP started as a site dedicated to Frequent Flyer Miles and Travel Hacking though we’ve expanded into so much more than that. This month we want to go back to our roots a bit and focus more on the travel hacking!

We’re republishing some of our old content updated, and we’ll be releasing a new version of our Frequent Flyer Bootcamp later this month!

You’re gonna love it and the journey starts here!

Tell us if you learned something new today! Also do you want Napkins on more podcasts? Hashtag #LoveNapkins at @PackofPeanuts and let us know!!

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In This Episode


  • 09:00 The Questions Begin
  • 10:00 Can you only earn miles through flying?
  • 15:00 If I book with miles, is the flight completely free?
  • 22:08 What are the best miles/credit cards to earn/get?
  • 34:00 Can you travel hack if you’re not a US citizen?
  • 36:00 Bank points vs Airline Points
  • 51:00 When is the best time to book a ticket on miles?
  • 1:16:00 Do miles expire?
  • 1:21:00 How many cards is too many cards?
  • 1:31:00 Can I transfer/buy miles?


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  1. Action Jackson says:

    Hey, Trav. Great podcast. I just that that I would mention my favorite method to keep miles accounts current: online surveys.

    1. Trav says:

      @Action Jackson – That’s a GREAT point. I never thought of that, but thanks for the heads up. Super easy to do. Although I guess it can take a while for points to post, right?

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