EPoP 027: The How, When, Where, and Why of Train Travel with The Man in Seat 61


A nice book, a good bottle of wine, and a comfortable reclining chair.

Sounds like a fantastic night!

But instead of sitting in your living room, you’re speeding past some of the world’s best countryside, a moving mural of lush fields, incredible mountains, and amazing seascapes…all while getting to your next destination!

Mark Smith, better known as the Man in Seat 61, paints the picture of putting the romance and relaxation back in to travel by taking trains, an often overlooked form of traveling by most people, especially Americans.

Mark has created the ultimate train travel resource on the internet, and in this episode, he not only discusses why people should consider train travel, but gives incredible tips and real life examples of how it can be more cost effective and convenient than taking a flight.

As someone who has used Mark’s website innumerable times over the last few years, and because of this, gotten to experience the joys of train travel, I couldn’t be happier to have him on the show.  He is absolutely full of incredibly practical and useful information, tons of which he shares today.

Want to know Mark’s secrets for a more relaxing trip, including some of this favorite trips by train?

Have a listen to this awesome interview.

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In This Episode:

  • Why the experience of train travel dwarfs that of a plane.
  • How train travel can be cheaper AND as quick as traveling by plane.
  • How to book train tickets early to save up to 70%.
  • Which countries are cheapest for booking your tickets.
  • The ins and outs of inclusive railpasses and determining whether they are worth it.
  • Picking the right sleeper train.
  • The right websites to book train tickets with.
  • Combining train and ferry tickets for an ever better value and more memorable experience.
  • Mark’s favorite train trips, including one you probably never thought of.

And much more!

Links Discussed in This Episode:

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