Let’s Play Credit Card March Madness!

Posted By Trav

Tomorrow begins my favorite 4 day stretch of the entire year, the real opening days of March Madness!  Each year I love to settle in to the couch (or barstool) for an ungodly amount of hours, eat horrific amounts of food, spread my bracket out in front of me, and watch buzzer beater after buzzer beater, content as any human can possibly be.

This year, I’ve decided to take it one step further:  By combining my passion for March Madness with the only thing that can compare to it, earning frequent flyer miles, I’ve devised a Credit Card March Madness bracket for all of us to participate in!

The tournament will begin tomorrow, March 15th!

The premise is simple:  You are to pretend that you have NO CURRENT CREDIT CARDS, NO MILEAGE BALANCES WITH ANY AIRLINES OR HOTELS and that you are only allowed to sign up for ONE CARD THIS ENTIRE YEAR.  That’s right:  you’re only allowed one sign up bonus this year, and you’re only allowed to use that one card to make purchases (the horrors!).

You can use any factor you wish to determine what card you’d rather have, but I suggest considering what points you’ll want to meet your travel goals for this next year, how much you value each point for that program, the sign up bonus with each card, if there are any bonus categories attached to that card that can earn you extra points, minimum spend and annual fees, etc.

Here is how the tournament will work:

1.  I will make a post for each matchup.  Cards will be matched up against each other and you will determine which you prefer out of those two.  You’ll vote on the poll at the bottom of each post.  Leaving comments on the bottom of the post to defend your favorite card and to sway others is ENCOURAGED!  The winner will  move on to the next round.

2.  Each person will be allowed to vote once for each matchup.

3.  Each matchup will last for 2 days.  After that, the poll will be closed a new matchup will be announced.

4.  8 cards will face off in the first round (4 matchups of 2 cards) and 4 cards will receive a bye in to the second round.

5.  To build excitement, I will not release the bracket ahead of time, so make sure to follow along by checking our Facebook page, following Twitter, subscribing to email updates, or just remembering to check the site each day!

That about covers it!  The first matchup will be tomorrow (March 15th) and will be announced on all my social media sites as well as this blog!

I hope you find this tournament as exciting as I do, and please feel free to share this with others.  MORE VOTING=MORE FUN!


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