Hurry Up! Today is the Last Day to Get the Southwest 50k Deal and Welcome to a 100k British Airways Card

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Hurry up and get your Southwest cards!

A few bits of credit card news today that is of interest….

Chase Southwest 50k Gone Tomorrow

We have seen the offer bounce between 25k and 50k a lot this year, and so while I can’t be 100% sure that this deal will go back down to 25k, the odds are that it will be dramatically decreased after tomorrow.  Also, as with everything, there is no guarantee that it will bounce back up to 50k if it drops back down.

There have been times that a link has continued to exist after Chase has said the deal is finished, but you’re taking a chance if you wait until after tomorrow.

Long story short, If you want the Companion Pass, there is no better time to get it than now.  Make sure your points post in January and you’ll have the CP for a whole two years (all of 2013 and all of 2014).  I’m super jealous, since mine is only good until the end of 2013!

I’ve written a TON about the Southwest 50k deal because it is one of the best out there, with the major reason being that if you get a personal and a business card, you can grab the Southwest Companion Pass, which is THE BEST airline perk out there.  If you’re unsure about  why the Companion Pass is so awesome or how to get a business card, check out the stories below:

The Southwest Companion Pass:  What it is, Why It’s Awesome, and How to Get It

How to Get a Business Credit Card: Your Questions Answered

I love it the CP, and in fact, in 2 weeks, I’ll be flying with my wife to San Fran (for the first time) on a mini-vacation, completely free thanks to Southwest points and the Companion Pass.  Can’t beat that!

If you’re interested in getting the Southwest card (or cards), here are the links:

Chase Southwest Plus personal card (50k)

Chase Southwest Plus business card (50k)

Remember, the annual fee of $99 is NOT waived but you will earn 6,000 miles each year you keep the card, which negates the annual fee.  This is better than the Plus version, which is $69 but only offers 3,000 miles for an anniversary bonus.

Chase AirTran Card Gone Tomorrow As Well

I haven’t talked about the AirTran card on this site yet, because honestly, I didn’t personally look in to it too much.

It is basically the same card as the Southwest Premier but is linked instead to AirTran.  However, AirTran and Southwest are in the process of merging, so there are talks that you can get the AirTran card now, and then after the merge is finalized, those points will transfer to Southwest points.

If I knew this was true, I’d definitely think about adding on the AirTran card, but since nothing is certain, I’ve just ignored.

However, for those of you who do fly AirTran or are near an AirTran hub, the credit card does offer 32 credits as a signup bonus, which is good for 2 roundtrip flights.  This could be very useful, and is a decent signup bonus in it’s own right.  I’m not getting it because I have Southwest points coming out my ears, but if it is a good option for you, here’s the link:

UPDATE:  This link is to the new offer that is only 1 roundtrip ticket

AirTran Airways A+ card (16 credits = 1 roundtrip tickets)

Welcome Back British Airways 100k Signup Bonus

Before you get too excited, realize that this is the exact same offer that was available last spring (read the full review I wrote then).  This means that while it is possible to earn 100k BA Avios points, for most people, this signup bonus is a 50k deal.

The first 50k are credited to your account after spending $1,000 in 3 months (super easy), but you won’t get the next 25k until you spend $10,000 in a year (pretty hard).  The last 25k you’ll be awarded after spending an additional $10,000 in a year (wowsers)!

50k Avios points is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you want to take one of the 5 best trips for using Avios points.  Remember, BA has a distance-based award chart, so Avios points are awesome for short-haul flights (read the 4 things you should know about Avios points for more info).

Personally, I’m considering getting this card in my next App-o-Rama because 50k Avios points is enough for a roundtrip ticket to Buenos Aires OR 2 roundtrip tickets from Boston to Dublin and I’m dying to visit both places.

Final Word(s)

If you’re looking to get the Southwest Companion Pass, jump on the Southwest cards NOW before the deal goes away tomorrow.  You never know when the 50k deal will come back, so get in while the getting is good!

The British Airways 100k deal is definitely one for almost anyone to consider, especially because Avios points are good for most of the things that regular miles with United and American Airlines aren’t good for, like short-haul domestic flights.  If you’ve maxed out many of the good Chase deals, like I have, this might be worth an application.

Lastly, if you fly AirTran, the AirTran card is a pretty decent deal.  Again, I don’t have much interest in it, but that’s because I fly Southwest.

What cards interest you the most?  Anyone grabbing the Southwest 50k deal and the Companion Pass before it disappears?

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  1. Rajat says:

    Hey Trav – I don’t see a link to the app for the BA card?

    1. Trav says:

      @Rajat- The deal is expired for the 100k BA card, hence the lack of a link. You can always see the most up to date card offers on the Best Current Deals page, as well as the Airline Credit Card and Hotel Credit Card pages.

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