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[My accommodations in Venice were complimentary courtesy of GowithOh. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own, and I’d recommend this apartment to anyone, even my own mother!]

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Link to our GowithOh Apartment in Venice

In Venice we had the good fortune of staying in an absolutely fabulous GowithOh apartment located in the Cannaregio district.

This newly renovated apartment has two bedrooms and two beautifully tiled bathrooms, one of which even has a jacuzzi tub.


You walk into the apartment on the first floor, which includes one of the bedrooms and bathrooms, a large, fully equipped kitchen as well as a dining room and couch.  The downstairs bedroom also opens up to a nice patio, which would be perfect to use in the spring and summer.

venice patio

The second floor housed another bedroom and it’s own private bathroom.  Each bedroom is extremely spacious, and the apartment would be the perfect size for two sets of couples.


The extra details, such as a hair dryer, washing machine, and extra blankets and pillows made this an extremely pleasant and comfortable place to stay.


We found the location of this apartment to be almost perfect.  It is situated in Venice’s northwest district, Cannaregio, which is the district where most of Venice’s residents actually live.

This means it is very quiet and low key, and also gives you a glimpse at the “real” Venice, outside of the main tourist areas of San Marco.

The apartment itself is located in the very northern corner of the district, right on the water, and was only a 2 minute walk from the vaporetto (“water taxi”) station.

venice veranda

And while taking the vaporetto was a good (albeit expensive) experience, we preferred walking, and you could easily get to the train station in 10 minutes or San Marco and the Rialto Bridge in 15 minutes by foot.

We loved that we got to experience a less touristed side of Venice but were still only a short walk from all the main attractions.  The fact that the absolutely beautiful Madonna dell’Orto church was in our backyard certainly didn’t hurt either!


Final Word(s)

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds in Venice and find peace and quiet in your own slice of Venice, this GowithOh apartment is highly recommended.

It’s in a great location, is super comfortable and clean, and has all the amenities you could need.

Plus, it’s plenty big enough for two couples.

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  • Are these apartments affordable?

    What do you do for luggage if you’re walking from the train to the apartment/hotel? Is a normal rolling carry-on Ok for traveling around EU by rail?

    • @Ken- The apartments all vary in price depending on season, however, each place we stayed was definitely affordable. Not as cheap as hostel, but definitely the same price or less than a regular hotel. This particular apartment in Venice was under $200 per night and is meant to accommodate 4 people since it has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. That’s cheaper than 2 hotel rooms, for sure.

      My wife had a rolling carry-on whereas I had my Tortuga Backpack. The rolling one was fine, although obviously in Venice it’s a little more difficult because you are going up and down stairs for all the bridges. We actually took the water taxi to the apartment and then walked when going back to the train station, and yes, rolling was fine.

      • We’ll be doing 5 cities in EU and 3 cities in SE Asia so I just want to make sure we can find something that works. We won’t have a problem for Ireland since we’ll have a rental car, but we’ll do mostly trains in EU/SE Asia. Did your wife complain about the roller on stairs or over rough streets/sidewalks? That’s always a good indicator.

        Do you have a post on how you pack, what you pack, and what gear you use?

        • @Ken- She didn’t complain…too much! She likes the rolling carryon because sometimes a backpack hurts her neck after a few days. Personally, I prefer the backpack for sure, but I think either is ok.

          I’m actually going to work on a video post about what I pack, how I pack, and what gear I use, but it probably won’t be ready until April since I’m doing it professionally, both shot and edited.

          But here is one that I wrote last year that is definitely still current.

  • Thanks for the love Travis! You made me GO right to Venice, we felt like we were there with you! I can perfectly imagine cooking an Italian pasta feast and enjoying it in your backyard! Happy that you had a fun time! Keep travelling on & we look forward to seeing what you do next!

  • The Ts&Cs say, “In the majority of cases, you will need to pay the outstanding rental and security deposit in cash (and in local currency) when you check in to the apartment.”

    Paying in cash not only leaves you no recourse if things go wrong, but also incurs the opportunity cost of NOT paying with a rewards-earning credit card. Not a deal-breaker if the value is there, but I guess it ought to be pointed out at least …

    • @Ed Chandler- Good point, that is true that you can’t pay with a rewards-earning credit card, so that is a small con for sure. I will say that the recourse if something goes wrong is that you can contact GowithOh office directly, and they have always been super helpful for me (not for problems, since I haven’t had any, but just general questions).

    • @spengleS englebardt- Each apartment has different requirements, but most of the ones I looked at and stayed in had requirements of 3 nights. However, in Venice, we were able to talk to them and ask if we could simply stay 2 nights instead of 3, and it was ok.

      So if there was one you really wanted to stay in but won’t be there 3 nights, just ask!

  • Nice Apartments! Your tips would be really helpful since me with my girlfriend will be visiting Venice next month. Will try to visit the apartments you’ve suggested! Thanks

    • @bencep- Thanks, and I definitely suggest you take a look at the one we stayed at. It was excellent. If it’s too big for you, or you want something closer to the main drag, GowithOh has tons of apartments all over Venice.