The Fun, Funny, and Fantastic from 2 Months in Europe

Posted By Trav


If you’ve been following our adventures, you’ve probably seen some awesome pictures from our 2 month trip around Europe.

Heather and I both picked one location we really wanted to go and put together an, admittedly weird, itinerary.

We went to:

Georgia (the country!)

We ran the gamut of weather, prices, and foods on our travels and today we’re here to talk about our top 5 foods, accommodations, and experiences from our trip. Including how many pounds we’ve collectively gained!

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In This Episode

  • 05:00 The nerdy stats
  • 13:00 Food & how much weight we gained!
  • 30:30 The best coffee & beer
  • 39:50 Our favorite accommodations
  • 44:08 The best experiences
  • 55:57 The most beautiful place
  • 59:05 Ranking the countries


Eat & Drink

Best Coffee, Beer, and Breweries!

  • Santorini Brewing Company – Santorini, Greece
  • Poppels Beer
  • Beaver Town Brewery – Bloody Notorious
  • Northern Monk Brewing Company
  • St. Andrews Brewery & Distillery
  • Magic Rock Brewing
  • Places to Stay

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    1. Flora says:

      LOVE loved this episode! Thank you guys for these podcasts – seriously sparked my wanderlust for Georgia. Your podcast is the reason that I started solo travelling (WITH A TORTUGA BACKPACK) and it changed my world. Please keep up with the destination diaries and wonderful stories to keep the travel vibes going!

      1. Trav says:

        @Flora – So awesome! Yeah, as you can tell, Georgia is pretty epic in our mind. A definite must for anyone looking for a similar, fairly off the beaten path experience. Gotta test out that Tortuga, after all!

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