Confused About How to Best Redeem Frequent Flyer Miles? Fear Not, Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is Here!

Posted By Trav

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Everyone knows how to earn frequent flyer miles, but what about how to use them?

Are you….

Confused About How to Redeem Frequent Flyer Miles?

Not Sure How to Find the Availability?

Overwhelmed at Trying to Book Stopovers and Open Jaws?


Frequent Flyer Bootcamp

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Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is your chance to learn EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know straight from an expert, without having to sift through blog posts and forums.

You’ll be able to ask any question about frequent flyer miles and get a SPECIFIC answer to that question.

You’ll go from someone who is overwhelmed by how to use your frequent flyer miles to an expert…and all in 1 month!

And you’ll have those skills forever, setting you up for a lifetime of free travel, and saving you $1,000’s.

I asked you what was most confusing about frequent flyer miles, and the answers were clear.

I’ve now built a course around the questions YOU wanted answered.

What You’ll Learn in Frequent Flyer Bootcamp

  • How to redeem frequent flyer miles and get the maximum value.
  • How to book stopovers, open-jaws, and free one-ways!
  • How to search for availability on ALL airlines quickly and easily
  • How to redeem frequent flyer miles on partner airlines.
  • The best ways to use British Airways Avios points and other hard to use miles.
  • How to avoid the fuel surcharge that airlines tack on, saving you thousands of dollars.
  • The three criteria to determine whether you should cancel a credit card or not.
  • The real truth behind how opening credit cards affects your credit score.

And much, much more!

Why can’t we list the “much, much more”?

Because YOU will actually be determining what you learn, since you’ll be allowed to ask whatever question you like.

What You’ll Get with Frequent Flyer Bootcamp

4 Weeks of Video Lessons

Frequent Flyer Bootcamp Video Lessons

Each week, we’ll send you a new video module to watch and learn.

Since everyone is busy, these video modules will be kept short, but will be packed with actionable knowledge that you can implement immediately.

They will not simply explain a topic, but will SHOW you how to do it!

Sure, you may know what a stopover or open jaw is, but you don’t know how to book it.

That’s why I’ve created these videos to be full of real-life examples of me DOING it, not just talking about it!

You’ll be able to see the exact process I use, and follow along!

Live Weekly Question and Answer Sessions

Maestro Conference Call

Each week, we’ll have a weekly conference call. During that call, I’ll answer ANY question regarding frequent flyer miles you have.

I want to know specific issues you are having booking your EXACT trip, and answer them for you!

Bonus- These sessions will be recorded and sent out to you as .mp3 files. If you miss a conference call, you won’t miss out on the wisdom!

Lifetime Access to a Private Frequent Flyer Bootcamp Facebook Group


Have a question or comment about frequent flyer miles that didn’t get asked in the Q&A?

Post it in our private Frequent Flyer Bootcamp Facebook group and you’ll get a prompt response.

Bonus- You’ll receive lifetime access to this group. So whether you are a member of the 1st Frequent Flyer Bootcamp or the 50th, you’ll always be able to maintain direct access to the newest frequent flyer knowledge.


Since this is the first frequent flyer bootcamp cohort, I’ve decided to add in two extra bonuses that won’t be offered in the future.

Initial Credit Card Consultation

credit card pile

Simply fill out a form of the credit cards you already have, what points you have, and where you want to go, and I’ll personally recommend which card(s) you should get next.

Take the guesswork out of figuring out your next step. Let me do it for you!

15 Minute One on One Skype Consultation

Skype interview

If at the end of the bootcamp you still have questions or want help booking your specific trip, I’ll gladly hop on Skype and help you out.

The goal of this bootcamp is to get everyone to actually book a trip to their dream destination, and so I’m offering up a service that usually costs $150 an hour, totally for free!

This session of Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is now FULL.

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How Frequent Flyer Bootcamp Works

Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is built on 4 core principles.


Each bootcamp will only be open to 30 participants. This ensures that each person gets plenty of individual attention.

I’ll be talking to YOU, not to the masses. I’ll answer the questions YOU have.


The real value of Frequent Flyer Bootcamp comes from having direct access to an expert.

Each week, there will be a live Question & Answer session where you can get your question answered directly.

These Q&A’s will be taped and sent out to you the next day, in case you can’t attend.

Forgot to ask a question during the Q&A?

Have one midweek that you need answered?

Don’t worry, you’ll be a member of a private Facebook group exclusively for Frequent Flyer Bootcamp. You can post a question there at any time, and it’ll be answered promptly.

Real Life Applicability

Instead of fake examples, we’ll be using YOUR real life dream destinations and bookings.

Want to go to Paris next March with United miles?

Or Thailand in April, 2014 using American Airlines miles?

Then that is what we’ll use as a bootcamp example.

By the end of the bootcamp, we’ll guarantee that EACH person will have had a chance to try to book their specific dream itinerary.

Hands On Learning

This won’t simply be a “here’s how to do it” course.

No, it will be a “here’s how to do it, watch me actually do it, now you do the same thing” course.

You’ll see the exact steps I take to book hundreds of award tickets. Then, you’ll do the exact same thing.

Everyone learns differently, but by both watching and then taking part, we’ll be covering all the bases, making sure you learn it.

Is There a Guarantee?


You betcha! Just like all our products, Frequent Flyer Bootcamp comes with an absolutely amazing guarantee. Ready for it?

By the end of Frequent Flyer Bootcamp, I guarantee that you will have the skills necessary to search for, and book (if there is availability) a trip to ANYWHERE in the world that you want to go, or your money back.

In fact, if you are having trouble searching for your flight to your specific dream destination, I’ll hop on Skype and literally do it with you!

Who is Frequent Flyer Bootcamp Suited For?

So that we don’t waste anyone’s time, Frequent Flyer Bootcamp starts at an intermediate level and is for people who want to know how to redeem their frequent flyer miles and get the maximum value out of them.

After surveying 100’s of people who read Extra Pack of Peanuts, I found that almost everyone understood how to earn frequent flyer miles….

But most people struggled mightily with how to maximize redeeming them!

And that’s why this course will be 80% focused on how to REDEEM frequent flyer miles, with the remaining 20% reserved for advanced techniques on how to earn and juggle credit cards, such as when to close them, how to churn them, etc.

If you are someone who struggles with how to get the best value out of redeeming your miles and is sick of it, Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is perfect for you.

Stop being confused about redeeming frequent flyer miles, stopovers, open jaws, and free one-ways!

Start saving $1,000’s of dollars a year in airfare!


This session of Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is now FULL.

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Still Got Questions? Let Me Answer Them!

1. After completing the Frequent Flyer Bootcamp, will I be able to book my own tickets with frequent flyer miles?

Yes, yes, and yes! I’ll be showing you EVERYTHING I have learned from 2 years of booking hundreds of tickets. By the end, you’ll have all the tools and skills necessary to book your own tickets with frequent flyer miles.

2. I’ve tried to use frequent flyer miles before but it was too difficult. Why should I try again?

It was difficult before because the airline industry purposefully makes it difficult so that people DON’T redeem their frequent flyer miles. Frequent Flyer Bootcamp cuts through all the mess that airlines use to confuse you and shows you how actually use them. In fact, YOU are our perfect student!

3. Can I do the Bootcamp at my own pace?

Sure. You’ll be sent the videos once per week, and you can watch them whenever you’d like. You’ll get the most value out of watching them during the same week, since you can then ask relevant questions in the Q&A, but if you miss a week or two, that is fine.

4. Do I have to show up for the Question and Answer sessions?

While we consider the Q&A sessions an incredible opportunity to get your specific questions answered, you do not have to show up. Each person will get a recorded version of the Q&A session sent to them within a few days so that they can listen to it.

5. I’m a complete newbie. Is this product right for me?

We will be starting this course at an intermediate level, using the assumption that you already know a little bit about earning miles.

If you don’t know anything about frequent flyer miles, I’d recommend you start with The Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles, which starts with the very basics and works its way up.

6. What if I only want to travel a 1-2 times a year? Is this course still worth it?

Yes, the cost of this course is substantially less than 1 plane ticket. Even if you only use this course to help you book 1 ticket, you’re still saving money. Plus, once you have the knowledge, you’ll have the ability to book tickets at any point in the future, saving you thousands!

7. Wait, you’re dead serious about the guarantee?

Dead serious. $500 worth of plane tickets (pssst…it will probably be a lot more) or you get your money back.

This session of Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is now FULL.

To be the first to know when registration starts for the next session, please enter your email below:


    1. Trav says:

      @purcitron- My rates for booking an award ticket is $150 for 1 person, $200 for 2 and this is cheaper than the rates charged by other people. For $200, I’ll be teaching you how to book tickets so that you’ll never have to pay for an expert again. You’ll be the expert, and be able to book yourself and others free travel forever!

  1. Meghanb904 says:

    When does the course begin?

    1. Trav says:

      @Meghan6904- The course will begin in early August. The videos will be sent to you, and you can watch them at your leisure. The q&a sessions will be once a week, but if you can’t make a q&a session, they will be taped and sent to you!

      Also, you’ll be a member of the Facebook group forever, meaning you can still ask questions and drink in the knowledge long after you’ve “completed” the bootcamp.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Robb says:

    I’m signed up, and looking forward to it. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

    1. Trav says:

      @Robb- Awesome! Glad to have you, and can’t wait to start the course!

  3. DHARMINI says:

    Who are you? How dare you claim to be an expert, selling information that is not originally sourced and is all free online what a waste of money. You pollute the Boarding area hope page with garbage advertising like this, how shameless

    1. Trav says:

      @DHARMINI- 99.9% of things you’d want to learn are available on the internet for free, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to use, convenient, or even correct. Frequent Flyer Bootcamp is a chance for people to learn in 1 month what took me 2.5 years. If someone prefers not to buy it, that is totally fine, and I’m all for people learning on their own for free. In fact, 95% of all the information I give out is for free.

      But this is a chance to expedite the learning process and be able to ask direct questions and get direct answers. Many, many people, across many, many fields, pay money for this type of access. Anyone who has ever gone to college has paid A LOT of money to learn things they could go to the library and learn for free.

      Also, all of the videos and content produced for this course is created 100% by me and is 100% my original material.

    2. Thomas Frank says:

      You… you do realize that 99% of paid education is simply free information curated by a knowledgeable person and delivered in a more complete, direct format, right?

      There’s no difference between a blogger offering a course like this and you paying $25/month to learn coding from Lynda.com. All that stuff is free online as well. As is most material you’ll learn in any college classroom.

      Value isn’t solely bound up in raw information. There’s value in the method of delivery as well.

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