Confused About the Best Ways to Use Frequent Flyer Miles? Registration is Now Open for Frequent Flyer Bootcamp!

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Well, you asked for another session of Frequent Flyer Bootcamp, so here it is!

[bluebox]If you’re unfamiliar with Frequent Flyer Bootcamp, check out the video above or head on over to the Frequent Flyer Bootcamp homepage.[/bluebox]

I’m really excited to be running another session of Bootcamp, and we’ve already seen signups coming in from people who were pre-registered.

Just a reminder, Bootcamp is capped at 30 people to ensure that each person gets individualized attention and that we can help book them a trip to their SPECIFIC dream destination.

So if you are interested, I urge you to signup as soon as possible.

[bluebox]If you want more information, you can find out EVERYTHING about Bootcamp on the Frequent Flyer Bootcamp homepage.[/bluebox]

Frequently Asked Questions about Bootcamp

I get a lot of emails with these questions, so hopefully this clears up the confusion.

1.  When does Bootcamp start?

This Bootcamp will run from the end of August to beginning of October.

Each Bootcamp is “technically” 1 month long, but you get to keep all the material forever (and are always a part of the Facebook group) so you can definitely work at your own pace.

Want to fly through it all in one week? Go for it!

Want to save it for later?  Many people do that as well.

2.  When will you run the next Bootcamp?

Honestly, no idea.  I’ll be traveling A LOT in the next 4-5 months, so most likely not until 2015, but I can’t even promise that.

If you’re interested, I do suggest you sign up this time around since you can work at your own pace anyway.

3.  Can I join Bootcamp for free?

No, sorry.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours putting together the material to create the premier product in the frequent flyer niche and the value of Bootcamp far outweighs the price to join.

However, Bootcamp comes with a guarantee that if you don’t learn enough to book $500 worth of free airfare, you’ll get your money back, so there really is no risk.

4.  Wait, really?  You’re guaranteeing that I’ll learn enough to book $500 worth of free flights?

You betcha!

Here’s a secret:  It’ll probably be thousands and thousands of dollars more of free airfare.  Hope you’re ok with that!

4.  I’m a total newbie to frequent flyer  miles, can I join?

Yes, definitely.  For the last session, I actually created 7 brand new videos specifically for people who may be new to frequent flyer miles.

Those will get you up to speed right away!

5.  I already know how to add free one-ways, book stopovers and openjaws, and how to get round the world tickets.  Should I join?

If you’re already at that level, then no.  Bootcamp is designed for newbies and intermediate people.

People who have earned miles and maybe redeemed them, but want to understand the more advanced techniques like free one-ways, stopovers and open-jaws, and how to find availability quickly and easily.

6.  What if I can’t make the Q&A sessions?

That’s totally fine.  Normally, we have about 50% of people on the call at any given time.

We record the call and send it out to every Bootcamper afterwards so they can listen to it, whether they were on the call or not.

7.  Why does your hair look so weird in the video?

No clue…just one of those days!  Thanks for enjoying the video despite my appearance!

[bluebox]If you’re ready to join Bootcamp, head on over to the Frequent Flyer Bootcamp homepage and register. [/bluebox]

Looking forward to whipping you in to Frequent Flyer Shape!



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