Best Experiences – 2017 in Review

We return with Part 7 of 8 in our Year in Review Series

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Each year there are always a handful of days that stand out.

Some of those perfect travel days that you couldn’t have planned in a million years, but that really stick with you, months later.

Today, Heather and I each go through our top ten experiences of 2017 spanning the globe from Philly to Ireland, Slovenia and more!

What were some of your best experiences in 2017? Let us know @PackofPeanuts!

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In This Episode


    • 7:16 Being able to do the things we enjoy again!
    • 12:05 Wedding time
    • 15:16 Beautiful cities by bicycle
    • 18:00 Our last “regular” trip
    • 22:06 Watersports and lakes
    • 30:00 Friends and Family
    • 35:33 Ireland makes a second appearance
    • 48:54 If you’re wondering if you should do it or not, just go.

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